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Client Testimonials

Our clients are so pleased they want to be identified – and are not just anonymous initials.

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Non-profit Organization

"As the director of a not-for-profit, you have to stretch every single dollar that is donated to your agency. It is critical to be a good steward of these gifts, and find creative resources that allow you to get the job done with a small staff and major funding cuts. Daybreak Virtual has most definitely helped us solve a "staffing problem and a too little money and not enough time dilemma." Their staff always gets the job done in an efficient and timely way. Thank you Daybreak!!"


Christine Rolando
Executive Director
Literacy Orange (Orange County, NY)
January 8, 2014

A Special Note From Daybreak:
Literacy groups provide services that have a ripple effect in their communities. In addition to providing a better quality of life for those who can learn to read, literate populations are more likely to develop economically, live healthier lives, and be more peaceful. These volunteer groups have been dealing with reduced donations because of the economy, and the de-funding that was caused by New York State’s budget crisis. As a result, many of them are struggling with trying to maintain critical core programs. Literacy Orange is near and dear to us, so I would like to encourage you to support this group, or the literacy group that services your community. Thank you for your consideration.

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We are approaching two years with Daybreak and they have proven themselves many times over. They are efficient and have excellent communication skills with us and our clients.

We are a service-based company and send automated reviews to every client we visit, and Daybreak receives just as many accolades as our technicians do. We’ve never had negative feedback about our virtual service. It has always been the “Employees in our office.”

They work with us as a team as if they were working in the same space as us, offering suggestions to new systems we try to implement into our everyday routine. We were searching for a company like Daybreak for almost a year before we found them. I’m happy we waited.

Steve Leski
Electrical Solutions (Delaware)

February 7, 2019

Core Fitness Training


"DayBreak has been an integral part of the client service side of our business. We were looking for a company to provide a similar friendly voice to service our clients calling our main phone lines; not a typical answering service. Our search was answered with DayBreak. We entrust DayBreak to log into our systems to process sales, change orders, schedule classes, relay sales info, and more. In doing so, they have allowed us more time to focus on growing our business. I highly recommend them to all my business associates."


Joe DeMarco Co-Founder
Local Barre
April 29, 2015

Health Benefit Consultant/Broker

"Daybreak's service is top notch. When you call one of their clients, you have no idea that it is an outsourced company that you are talking to. Daybreak's staff are all fantastic and extremely professional. I highly recommend Daybreak for anyone looking to get more out of their staff - without hiring a new employee."

David Tully
Advantage Benefits Consulting
January 8, 2014

Non-profit Organization

"As the director of a not-for-profit, you have to stretch every single dollar that is donated to your agency. It is critical to be a good steward of these gifts, and find creative resources that allow you to get the job done with a small staff and major funding cuts. Daybreak Virtual has most definitely helped us solve a "staffing problem and a too little money and not enough time dilemma." Their staff always gets the job done in an efficient and timely way. Thank you Daybreak!!"


Christine Rolando
Executive Director
Literacy Orange (Orange County, NY)
January 8, 2014

Financial Adviser

"Daybreak Virtual Office is a life saver. They help me leverage my time to focus on revenue producing activities. Phone tag with clients to schedule appointments is eliminated and deals close more quickly. I cannot imagine running a successful business without their support."

Chris Drouin
Beyond Wealth Management
January 8, 2014

Communications and PR Consultant

"Valerie is both a team member and a principal at Daybreak Virtual Office, one of a hand full of firms that provide professional assistant/secretarial type services to individuals and companies. On more than one occasion as our needs have fluctuated, Valerie has been my right arm, handling phone messages, maintaining a complex and changing calendar, following through with sometimes vague priorities given out on the fly as I move from one location to another. All of these services and more that I am not thinking of are performed with a real commitment to doing the work and doing it right. Even more is what you don't see - and it becomes apparent only over time - is Valerie's deep and sincere caring for her clients - as customers, yes, and more profoundly as individuals. It is rare to find this in a business."

John Mallen
JMC Marketing Communications & PR
January 8, 2014

Financial Adviser

"My name is Scott Lask and I'm the owner and Chief Investment Officer of the Wealth Management Group in Monroe, NY. My experience with Daybreak Virtual Office Solutions has been tremendously positive and very effective. They give me the ability to stay focused on my tasks without having interruptions either for phone calls or follow-up calls. They give me the semblance of being a highly professional organization with a full office staff, and their people are incredibly diligent, efficient, courteous and very helpful to my clients. I can't say enough about how it's helped us improve our productivity, which I would say is up by at least 60%."

"It's an absolute pleasure to know I can leave the office to meet with clients or potential clients knowing that the phones are covered and with the assurance that people are watching the store. I would highly recommend Daybreak's services to anyone who would ask."

Scott Lask
The Scott Lask Wealth Management Group, LLC
January 8, 2014

Promotional Products Consultant

“When I started my business, I dreamt of the intelligent, charming & dedicated employees to help best serve our clients needs. I never imagined a virtual office would fill this great void & provide such immense value. After 6 years in business, I finally have more time to focus, relax & breathe. You are the business partner who anticipates my needs without a sick day, payroll taxes, workmen’s comp, rising health insurance, pension plan or tantrum. The wide range of services you provide offers me more freedom to work on my business than I ever imagined. I am confident we will continue to grow together at a rapid pace. You & your dedicated staff check in to make sure I fully utilize your services or to see how much more you can take off my plate. I have discovered more time to work on my business & can take a day off without guilt. This is beyond excellent customer service. You ensure your staff has complete understanding of our business & that I am completely satisfied at every stage. Thanks for making every transaction an absolute pleasure & for supporting my growth. Please consider changing your tag line to “We’ll give you freedom on an engraved platter with concierge service so you can find more time to work on your business, relax in Tahiti or on the golf course."

Melanie Richards
Prisms Promotions
January 7, 2014

Credit Card Merchant Account Provider

"It has been great working with Jeff. He's dedicated, responsive and graciously spends time and effort helping others expand their businesses. If you are looking for a connector, virtual business solutions, or any related services, Jeff is an excellent choice. Thanks Jeff!"

Arie Paller
United Bank Card Services
January 5, 2014

Marketing Director of a Senior Citizen Housing Center

"The dedication of The Birches at Chambers on a hot July day attracted well over 200 people. A brunch was served to senior guests and residents and then, after the formal presentation, a luncheon was served to all guests. Our original planning was optimistic with 150 anticipated attendees. So if we didn't have a fairly accurate RSVP count, we would not have been prepared the overage of 75 guests.


Our staff was strapped and I was concerned that if the phone wasn't answered live, there would be unanswered questions or callers might just hang up. Plus there was additional information we wanted to garner, like email addresses and other demographic information from callers. Daybreak Virtual was our solution. They provided a phone number for us to use on our invitations. Their staff quickly absorbed our information. Daily spread sheets gave us fair warning that the count would be well over our earlier estimates, so the catering order was adjusted, more tables and chairs planned for, and lots more bottled water was purchased. And the reports gave us lots of additional information for our database. Daybreak even took the initiative to email me immediately concerning VIP's, questions that had been raised over and above the event itself, and requests for applications for our communities.


All in all, Daybreak contributed above and beyond to an extraordinary event for Birchez Associates."

K.J. McIntyre
Director of Marketing
Birchez Associates
January 5, 2014

Electrical Contractor

"Daybreak was a large part of the success of DS Electric when we started working together in 2009 as well as an integral part of my strategy moving forward. I can't count the number of times my customers have gone out of their way to mention the courtesy and professionalism of 'my office.' They give my small business the image of being much larger, and my customers the sense of security that just isn't felt with a voicemail message.


We've kept customers happy with unprompted follow-up calls when others seem to 'disappear after the job is complete.' People always apologize when I inform them that it wasn't my wife or other family member who took the call, which is a common mistake. I always say "No need to apologize, we take it as a complement because they're like family and take the success of my business as seriously as a family member would!"


Because of this dedication to my success, far above and beyond what would be required, I'm not only happy to call Daybreak an integral part of my business, but to call Valerie and Jeff valued friends. Thank you, Valerie, Jeff and all the staff at Daybreak for all you've done and continue to do."

Dave Stewart
DS Electric
January 5, 2014

Home Repair Contractor

"I really like your service. Having a Personal Assistant has been a great experience. She has taken a load off my mind in such tremendous ways that I can now do the things that I have to do without interruption, knowing that my calls and appointments are being taken care of. Small tasks, that can easily pull me away from where I need to be, have been very helpful. For instance, I'll ask her to call a supplier to give them a customer's address. In the past, something as minor as that would have distracted me. My Assistant, however, has all my information so she seamlessly makes the call, determines availability and delivery confirmation, and then sends me an email with the information. If there's anything urgent, she calls me. This is a great service that I would recommend to all of my business associates, and have! Thanks, Jeff.

Franz Rivas
FDR Construction
Hyde Park, NY
January 5, 2014

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Plumbing Contractor

"I just want you to know that when it comes to dealing with all of my "stuff" (work, family, employees, time management, etc), it's comforting to have my Virtual Assistant watching my back. She handles my calendar and schedules my jobs, fields customer inquiries, answers my phones, protects me from telemarketers, and contacts me when it's necessary. This lets me focus on what I do best - plumbing, construction and maintenance. It's really great to know that there is someone who is obviously better qualified than I am at handling office tasks. I can't say enough about how much I love having the help of such qualified people. Please pass this on to the whole team and if you need my recommendation to anyone who is interested in your service, I'll be happy to speak to them. You folks are the best!


Martin Elting
Elting Construction and Maintenance
Kingston, NY
January 5, 2014

Web Development/Business Advisor

“Everyone knows I'm everywhere. The secret behind my success as an avid networker and referral partner is Daybreak Virtual Office. When I started missing phone calls, I hired Daybreak to be a voice on the other end of the phone while I'm at a meeting. As my business grows, I know Daybreak will be there to expand their services to fill the gaps in the daily administration of my business so that I can spend my time focusing on marketing & actually doing the work that needs to be done for my clients. I can't recommend it highly enough. If you're losing time doing paperwork, that time should be spent generating sales. You'll see the results in your earnings. Economical and reliable -- I recommend Daybreak so often, I need a subscription service for them to replenish my storehouse of their business cards. Don't just think about it, schedule your meeting with Jeff!”

Criss Ittermann
Eclectic Tech, LLC
January 5, 2014

Music Studio

"My husband and I have music studios in Ulster and Orange Counties in New York State, and most recently in Manhattan. We were struggling with trying to juggle family responsibilities, including a toddler, as well as my husband's full time teaching job, with our music school duties. We were getting behind in billing, scheduling, and in returning messages. We love teaching, but needed help handling the administrative tasks. Daybreak Virtual Office Solutions quickly and inexpensively solved all of that. My Virtual Assistant and her team answer our phones, schedule our teaching appointments, and answer general questions on our behalf. They handle our billing and process our credit card payments. As a result, we now have a more efficient and professional operation, and we're able to spend more quality time with our daughter rather than worrying about all that we are not accomplishing. Daybreak Virtual Office has been a Godsend to us and I strongly recommend their services. (And they're also really nice people!)"


Kristen V. Ruiz
Cantate Voice Studio
January 5, 2014

Business Adviser

"Jeff and his staff have supported me on many different projects of On Belay. If you are a soloist or small mobile oriented firm I can't recommend Jeff and his firm Daybreak enough. They provide the detail orientation to my creativity. They are my stable office when I am on the go constantly. His team is always pleasant, smart and an incredible value. Save both your budget and peace of mind with Jeff and Daybreak."

Ajax Greene
OnBelay Business Advisors
January 5, 2014

Education Consultant and Business Advisor

"Jeff and Valerie Mehl own and operate Daybreak Office Solutions. This is a virtual office service that has great appeal for any size business that needs support from a daily to an occasional help. They go out of their way to provide what the client needs. That sounds so simple and pedestrian, but I have to say that the service one receives from them is anything but that. During a project they were working on with me last November with an impossible time line, everything I needed done was done and on time which in this case was no small feat. The plus side of doing this kind of project with a company is that, when they do an excellent job, you don't just have another business you can recommend to those who need them, but you also develop a friendship built on trust by going through that "trial by fire" together. If you think a hand with office staff is just what you need, give Jeff or Val a call at Daybreak. You will never regret bringing them in to work on your team."

Susan Quade
Quade Consulting and Hudson Valley Business Edge
January 5, 2014

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Insurance Consultant

"How much more productive would you be if you opened up your calendar every day and found all your appointments set, confirmed, and with notes? The cost of hiring, training, and implementing a personal assistant to set your appointments, book your flights, dinners, and even remind you when it's your anniversary is expensive. You have payroll, taxes, workers compensation, benefits, and training time.

Enter Jeff Mehl, and Daybreak Virtual Office Solutions. With Jeff's service, you can have all of this without the expense and headache of hiring someone yourself. I use Daybreak Virtual Office Solutions to confirm my appointments, manage my calendar, and advise me of any issues during the course of my busy days, and the service is professional, prompt, courteous, and truly is an extension of you. My own clients have commented on the level of professionalism. In fact, there were many times my phone would ring and my client on the other end would request to speak to my Virtual Assistant!"


Jonathan Theodore
Theodore Consulting Group, Inc. January 5, 2014


"Daybreak has been an amazing resource for my small law firm, and I can't say enough good things about how great Jeff has been to work with to get the process working for us! I don't usually expend the effort to write recommendations but here it is well deserved. Daybreak has provided extremely professional service to my firm, scalable to the quantity of work I need done in any particular week. It is so refreshing for things to be done as requested, and done right! I would be happy to talk to anyone considering their services as to why it has been a great solution for my firm."

Penn Dodson, Esq.
AndersonDodson, PC
January 4, 2014

Sales Trainer/Networking Guru

"It is the "era" of the virtual assistant and Jeff Mehl's organization, Daybreak Virtual Staffing, provides a model that provides clients with a win-win situation. Jeff marries his bottom-line business sensibilities with a true "caring for the customer" approach to business and gives his client services and assistance that helps them to succeed in THEIR business. I recommend him 1000%."

Adrian Miller
Business Growth Advisor, Sales Trainer & Consultant
January 4, 2014