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How’s Your Elevator Pitch?

Hi Everyone, Now that the national health care reform package is about to be finalized, most of us who own small businesses are obviously concerned about the costs of this overhaul, and this concern could result in hesitation to hire. If that’s you, consider Daybreak Virtual Staffing as an alternative to hiring in-house clerical staff until we see how this new program plays out. THE ELEVATOR PITCH: Those of us […]

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Daybreak’s New Name

We’re modifying our name, but not our service One of our problems has been getting people to understand what we do without a lot of explanation. People have assumed we sell office supplies, rent office space, sell virtual software, or that we are a temp agency who will send someone to their office. We don’t do any of those things. To resolve this, we’re changing our name to “DAYBREAK VIRTUAL […]

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Networking – On-Line and In-Person

ON-LINE SOCIAL NETWORKS As I’m sure we all know by now, social networking is the new “THING” in business. Whether you view it as a fad, or as a phenomenon that will change the course of business, you know it’s something you can’t ignore. For the most part this media is free, so why wouldn’t you want to use it? There are tons of paid consultants who can help business […]

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The ‘Oldies’

Valerie and I just drove back from a weekend in New Hampshire (running into snow in Mass. in October, by the way!!). We decided to relive our childhood on the ride home by listening to 60′s music. We really got a kick out of hearing songs we haven’t heard in, well, too many years! Then they got us asking each other questions. Such as: What was the meaning of “McArthur […]

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