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Why Growing Companies Are Hiring Virtual Assistants

how to grow your business with a virtual assistantWhat Exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is the designation of a service provider who assists in a client’s business operations from a remote virtual office. VA’s are independent contractors who work on a contractual basis through an agency. Entrepreneurs and growing businesses are increasingly outsourcing their time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants.

How Are Virtual Assistants Different from Employees?

VA’s are hired by you as a small business owner through an agency. By working with a virtual assistant, you save on the expense of hiring a full-time employee who would otherwise require benefits, paid sick time, holidays, vacations, taxes, and training. Working with virtual office assistants allows you as an employer to only end up paying for the actual services provided, saving you money in the long-run.

What Type of Work Can You Outsource to Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistants can provide a variety of services to your business to help you grow and get job tasks completed in a timely fashion. Some of those tasks include:

  • Administrative Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Other Marketing Efforts
  • Customer Service
  • Bookkeeping
  • Online Research
  • Data Management and Entries
  • Email and Phone Management
  • Travel Research
  • Scheduling Tasks

How Do Virtual Assistants Help Small Businesses Grow

More and more growing companies are outsourcing their office tasks to VA’s. Hiring VA’s allow for small businesses to spend their time and money elsewhere instead of on full-time employees, office equipment and space, tools and other expenses. Virtual assistants are able to take on demanding tasks and turn the projects around in a timely manner, freeing up a small business owner’s time so he or she can dedicate it to more important things and people like clients and customers. VA’s are no longer for large, Fortune 500 companies. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are now able to benefit from virtual assistants, helping them grow financially and strategically.

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