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How to Hire a Virtual Office Assistant for Startup Success

woman on headset (2)More and more new small business owners and entrepreneurs are using a virtual office assistant to grow their business and succeed in their competitive industry. But where do I start? How do I even know if a virtual assistant is right for me? What tasks will I be able to outsource to a virtual assistant? If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone. When it comes to outsourcing your office and administrative tasks, not a lot of new business owners know where to start. Here are some helpful tips on how to hire a virtual assistant for startup success.

Establish a Set of Deliverables & Set a Time Estimate

Virtual office assistants can support you with anything answering your phones and scheduling appointments to bookkeeping and accounts receivable. Understand that virtual office assistants are expertly trained and are professionals in their field. Document your daily workload and evaluate it. What are some tasks that are taking up most of your time? What tasks can’t you necessarily do because you don’t have the training? Take bookkeeping for example. Determine which projects you will need to outsource, which will be most cost-effective to outsource, and if you are going to build a team of outsourced office assistants or have an individual one. Finally, establish a clear time estimate for each task to be performed.

Set Clear Expectations

Understand that your virtual office assistant should be treated just like any of your in-house team members. However, remember to set clear expectations and standards as to how your virtual assistant engages with you and with the people both inside and outside your organization. It’s important to do this before hiring your virtual assistant so you have clear goals and expectations set up before they come on board.

Write a Job Description

Use your projects list from the above step to help you determine what you specifically need done, the skills you need the virtual assistant to have, and how many hours/days of the week you believe you need work done and expect to be able to access your virtual assistant. Also remember to include any software, tools or programs you need the virtual assistant to be familiar with.

Do Your Research

You may want to hire a team of virtual assistants to better assist you with your office tasks and smooth over gaps in availability or in skill set. In this case, you want to thoroughly research what agency is best for you. How much are you willing to pay? Are you looking to hire American-based, English-speaking assistants or are you interested in international virtual assistants? Narrow down your search results and go from there.

Make Your Choice

After you’ve whittled down your list, contact agencies or induvial and determine pricing, availability and skill level. Get to know each company or assistant a little to better understand how you will be able to work together. Do you wish to meet in person if possible? Phone conference or interview? Determine which agency or individual best fits your needs and go from there!

More and more businesses are benefiting from the services a virtual office assistant can provide. Discover the key benefits you can achieve by off-loading administrative tasks, and how to best utilize your virtual assistant to free up your time.

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