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4 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do That Your In-House Assistant Cannot

4 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do That Your In-House Assistant Cannot

Hiring a virtual office assistant is a great way to help grow your business, increase your revenue, and keep your peace of mind. Still not convinced that you should outsource your tasks instead of hiring in-house? There are definitely some reasons why you would want to hire a virtual office assistant over an in-house assistant. Here are 4 things your virtual office assistant can do that your in-house assistant simply cannot:


  1. Virtual Assistants Work Outside Your Office

Because they are not required to come into your office, you don’t have to worry about virtual assistants coming in late due to traffic, accidents or some made up excuse. A virtual assistant can help you from anywhere and are even more likely to provide you with better work than your in-house assistant can provide. While you may give your in-house assistant the option to work from home, they may not have a working computer or the programs needed to do their work from home, leading you to provide them with extra, costly equipment they need to get the job done. Virtual assistants are already provided with the programs and software you need to run your business.


  1. Your Virtual Assistant Can Jump On a Project Without Being Trained

Training an in-house assistant takes time, money and resources to complete and it’s never guaranteed that they’ll be up to par with your standards by the time you’re done training them. With virtual office assistants, training is provided by the vendor they are employed with. Virtual assistants are reliable and have the experience necessary to complete the job task at hand, and in a timely fashion.


  1. Virtual Assistants Get the Job Done Fast (and Economically)

Virtual assistants don’t mess around when they’re working. There’s no time for goofing around, taking coffee breaks or gossiping around the water cooler. Virtual assistants are paid to do a specific job so the client is only paying for the work that needs to get done, not for bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, meetings, and other distractions from the project. They’re completing a specific task effectively and timely.


  1. Virtual Assistants Can Work Flexible Hours

Some small businesses don’t have a steady amount of work to give their employees, which loses them money in the long-run. Having a virtual assistant gives you the flexibility to change how many hours you need on a monthly or weekly basis. If you need them for only 10 hours one week and 80 the next, there’s no problem because you’re only paying for the work you need to have done. In-house employees typically work 40 hours per week so if there is no work that needs to get done, you still have to pay them their 40-hour/week salary.

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