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10 Things You Should Know About Virtual Office Assistants

virtual assistantVirtual office assistants can save your business time, money and resources. They help businesses succeed by providing the necessary work that you as a small business owner need to grow but just don’t have time for. Still not sure if you should outsource your job tasks to a virtual office assistant? Here are 10 things you should know about virtual assistants (VA’s) if you’re still contemplating whether or not to do so.

  1. A VA Will Save You Money

Virtual Assistants save businesses thousands of dollars a year. With VA’s you don’t need to worry about paying full-time employees who require salaries, benefits, paid sick time, holidays, vacation time, and taxes. The agency you hire will take care of all of that.


  1. Clients Only Pay for Actual Time Spent Completing a Task

Unlike full-time, in-house employees, you’re only paying for the actual time spent working on a project when you hire a virtual assistant. With traditional office employees, nearly 25% of their time is spent “goofing off on the internet”. With VA’s, no money is spent on lunch hours, coffee breaks, Facebook, and other distractions.


  1. There is No Need to Train VA’s

When hiring a VA, there is no need train them, unlike full-time, in-house staff members. All virtual assistants are already proficient with the latest tools and technology needed to complete a task at hand.


  1. VA’s Use Software Provided By Their Employer, Not You

A VA completes your projects using the software provided to them by the agency they are employed with. There is no need for you to spend money on tools and computer programs needed to complete one of your projects.


  1. As a Client You Are Protected with a Confidentiality Agreement

You can rest assured that information in regards to your business will always be kept confidential when you a hire a VA. You’ll never need to worry about confidential company information being leaked in the break room or at company holiday parties.


  1. You Get More Than Just the Support of Your To-Do List

Virtual assistants are professionals who are skilled in many aspects of business. When you hire a VA, you’re getting someone who understands the business world, the online world, and the administrative world.


  1. You’ll Experience Less Turnover with VA’s

If you need graphic design one day and you need bookkeeping the next, there’s no need to hire in-house for specific tasks that may not be required full time. With VA’s you can hire them on a contractual basis, as needed. And if you’re uncomfortable with a specific VA, another one will be provided to you ASAP.


  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Coordinating Work Schedules with VA’s

When you hire a VA, simply send off the work and it will get done as quickly and effectively as possible. There’s no need to coordinate timing and schedules for when the job can get done.


  1. Virtual Assistants Take on Those Boring, Everyday Tasks

You don’t have time for small, tedious tasks as a small business owner! VA’s help with those boring but essential tasks needed to keep your business running and growing. Because you have so many hats to wear as a business owner, VA’s are there to help with the administrative tasks.


  1. A Virtual Assistant May Have The Skills That You Don’t

Those skills that you desperately need for your business to keep going but don’t necessarily have, your VA can help with. They’re expertly trained in many aspects of the business world and have the knowledge and skills to help with any office task you need that you just can’t do yourself.

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