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3 Things to Do Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Do you handle every aspect of your business? Are you wasting precious time by carrying out office and administrative tasks? Are you looking to cut down costs and grow your small business? Then it’s probably time to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to take over your tedious and stressful projects that you simply don’t have time for. But how do you go about hiring a virtual office assistant in the first place? What needs to get done before the actual hiring process begins? Here are three things to do before hiring a virtual assistant.

  1. Determine If a Virtual Assistant is Right For You

Before you go about hiring a virtual office assistant, determine if you really need one in the first place. Are there specific tasks you need done that are taking up too much of your time? Do you not have the means to hire an in-house employee while providing them with 40 hours/week worth of work? Or even 20 hours/week? If you answered yes to these questions, then a virtual assistant is probably the right choice for you.

  1. Establish a Set of Tasks and Expectations

Before looking into the hiring process of a virtual assistant, first determine which tasks you need to outsource. Remember, virtual assistants are specifically trained in a variety of fields and are competent and able to produce quality work that any in-house employee could do, if not better. Virtual office assistants can help you with gatekeeping, appointment scheduling, to-do list management, email monitoring, chasing past-due invoices, project status monitoring, business communication, bookkeeping, and much more. Determine which tasks you plan to outsource, for how many hours/week, and if you will need a team of assistants provided by an agency to complete a variety of specific tasks.

  1. Do Your Research

When you have your job descriptions and expectations ready, it’s time to start doing your research. Do you want to hire an individual or hire from an agency? You’re probably better off hiring a virtual office assistant or a team of virtual assistants through an agency. Instead of having a high turnover rate with an individual freelancer, an agency will vet candidates for you ensuring your virtual assistant meets all your qualifications. With an agency, you’ll be able to have a team of virtual assistants who can smooth over any gaps in skill set. Agencies are also helpful when you don’t have the time to go through an individual hiring process that can be tedious and stressful.

The hiring process of a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be a tough one. All you need to do is provide the information on the help needed to achieve your goals and the agency will take care of the rest.

More and more businesses are benefiting from the services a virtual office assistant can provide. Discover the key benefits you can achieve by off-loading administrative tasks, and how to best utilize your virtual assistant to free up your time.

Download this helpful eBook on 5 ways to work efficiently with your virtual office assistant and learn how to best off-load common administrative tasks.

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