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Outsourced Office Support

In the last blog, I addressed the BENEFITS of outsourcing your front and back office support. In this blog I want to discuss the PROBLEMS THAT ARE SOLVED by outsourcing. After all, solving problems is the one thing that all business owners have in common – whether our own business problems or those of our clients and customers.

So what are the problems that might lead you to consider outsourcing your front and back office support?

Are you missing phone calls or opportunities because you can’t get to the phone?

  • In most cases, people looking for a service will continue calling until they get an answer.
  • And if you’re still using your cell phone to conduct all of your business, we really need to talk!


Are you spread too thin and wearing too many hats to the point that you’re consistently behind schedule?

  • Michael Gerber, in his book “The E-Myth” tells us that every successful business needs 3 distinct skill sets, The Dreamer, the Technician, and the Manager, noting that no one can effectively wear those three hats. Working with outsourced staff fulfills the “Manager” role, leaving you free to focus on doing what’s necessary to move your business forward.


Do you wake up at night worrying about tasks that you’ve lost track of, balls that you might be dropping, and calls that you’ve forgotten to return?

  • If so, having a support staff to watch your back can work better. Imagine having a Virtual Office Manager who is in regular contact with your clients and customers, making certain that you and your To-Do list are well synced.


When you run marketing campaigns, the “Call to Action” is one of the most important components of the plan. If your Call to Action is an email or phone call, how quickly will you be available to respond? (You sure don’t want those important calls going to voicemail).

  • Your virtual staff can field those calls and emails for you, just as if they were in your office, and assure a prompt and reliable first impression.


You get the idea. The number of problems that outsourced staffing support can solve for your business is limitless.

If you haven’t taken the time to take our quiz to see if outsourcing your office tasks makes sense for you, why not do it now? (Quiz is on the right sidebar, titled “Too Many Tasks on Your To Do List?”)

I’ll look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or would like to consider trying our 2 week free trial.