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Daybreak’s New Name

We’re modifying our name, but not our service

One of our problems has been getting people to understand what we do without a lot of explanation. People have assumed we sell office supplies, rent office space, sell virtual software, or that we are a temp agency who will send someone to their office. We don’t do any of those things.

To resolve this, we’re changing our name to “DAYBREAK VIRTUAL STAFFING.” Since we provide clients with a Virtual Assistant (a real live, off-site person) who works with a virtual back office team (also real live, off-site people), the name “Daybreak Virtual Staffing” would seem to sum it up. Of course, if you have a better idea, let us know by leaving a post with your thoughts and suggestions.

Imagine having the full functionality of trained in-house office staff without the hassles of hiring employees, at costs that are 20-30% less than hiring.

If you think our virtual support services would be helpful, give me a call: 877-369-0066 or email [email protected] and I’ll be happy to have a conversation to see if there’s a fit.

Best regards,

Jeff Mehl

Jeffrey T. Mehl
Daybreak Office Solutions, LLC
Daybreak Virtual Staffing