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I’d like to take a moment to talk about voicemail – or actually, it’s misuse!

With communications easier now than ever before, it seems like we’re all getting sloppy. Consider the times that you’ve tried to reach someone and had to deal with voicemail, or those times when you received a rambling, incoherent message, or perhaps when your own intent in a voicemail was misunderstood. I’ve recently had several occasions where I tried to reach folks to give them a business referral, and had to […]

What are some of your favorite saying?

We often use ‘catch phrases’ to quickly describe more complex thoughts & ideas. Care to share some? Three of my favorites: 1) ” If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s support” 2) “Referring to an illegal alien as an undocumented immigrant is like referring to a drug dealer as an unlicensed pharmacist.” 3) “If you own a business, the goal is for the business […]

Hiring Employees Is Like Getting Married

THIS IS RELATED TO THE AUGUST 18TH E-MAIL BLAST: HIRING EMPLOYEES IS LIKE GETTING MARRIED: So let’s talk about hiring. It’s important to understand that hiring employees is one of the most important jobs you’ll do as a business owner. The right selection will improve your customer service, enhance morale in the office, give you peace of mind and ultimately grow your business. On the otherhand, hiring the wrong employee […]