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Our Password Policies Have Been Wrong!

So apparently much of what we’ve been told about creating “Strong” passwords has been wrong.

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How Effective Are Your Google Searches?

As with most of you, I’ve been using Google as my primary search engine for many years – and it USUALLY comes through as needed. But I’ve had a sense that I’m missing something in how I use this tool; spending more time than I should wading through search results that weren’t quite what I was looking for. HOWEVER, I just came across an infographic from the National Federation of […]

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Virtual Receptionist or Voicemail?

For many small business owners out there, having someone dedicated to answering the phones seems like a bit of a stretch, especially if your business is just starting out. This is a big deal because many times a phone call is the first impression a potential client will get of your business. If their call goes unanswered or goes to voicemail on the first call, you risk losing potential business! […]

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Why Growing Companies Are Hiring Virtual Assistants

What Exactly is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is the designation of a service provider who assists in a client’s business operations from a remote virtual office. VA’s are independent contractors who work on a contractual basis through an agency. Entrepreneurs and growing businesses are increasingly outsourcing their time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants. How Are Virtual Assistants Different from Employees? VA’s are hired by you as a small […]

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