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Working With A Virtual Team

Success is a Two-Way Street

Once you become our client, there are a number of things that you can do to help assure the success of our relationship. Although most of these are intuitive, it’s important to point out that clear and consistent communication is the key to success. Consider the following:

1. You’re in charge.

This is your business so you set the parameters and give the permissions. Your Virtual Administrative Consultant is like your Quarterback and you’re the Coach. Giving them the details of your plans and strategies will help to assure that the team functions to capacity. This means providing your Consultant with as much written data as possible, regarding the policies, procedures, or protocols that you will want them to follow. For instance:

  • What lines of communication should be followed?
  • How should they interact with any other consultants or on-site staff?
  • Be very clear how you want certain projects handled, including time-frames, benchmarks, outcome expectations and the like.
  • How much independent decision making do you want him/her to do on your behalf? (This obviously only comes as your level of trust builds with time).

2. Treat your Administrative Consultant as a valuable member of your company.

You want your virtual team to emulate the culture of your company. Providing your Consultant with the same information about your company’s vision and ambitions that you would with an in-house staff goes a long way towards creating a team that best represents you and your company.

3. Keep your Consultant in the loop.

Your team is going to want to please you, so it’s important to share any correspondence or other communications that might impact their interventions on your behalf.

4. As you gain trust in your Administrative Consultant.

Treat him/her as a partner in your operation; possibly allowing him/her to become a trusted adviser.

  • Although obviously not an expert in your field, your Consultant and team often see your operation from a different perspective than you do. This additional insight could prove to be valuable as you make decisions.
  • Generally, your Consultant may not volunteer this information, so ask for it. In many cases, our experience has shown it to be worth the asking! If you give permission, they may also provide constructive criticism as well as positive suggestions.

5. Finally, stay engaged!

The best outsourcing relationships are those that have frequent open and honest communication.

Even though you may be very busy with a hectic schedule and looming deadlines, always make some time for your Consultant, the same way you would for a key in-house manager. It will be time well spent.


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"DayBreak has been an integral part of the client service side of our business. We were looking for a company to provide a similar friendly voice to service our clients calling our main phone lines; not a typical answering service. Our search was answered with DayBreak. We entrust DayBreak to log into our systems to process sales, change orders, schedule classes, relay sales info, and more. In doing so, they have allowed us more time to focus on growing our business. I highly recommend them to all my business associates."


Joe DeMarco
Local Barre

Health Benefit Consultant/Broker

"Daybreak's service is top notch. When you call one of their clients, you have no idea that it is an outsourced company that you are talking to. Daybreak's staff are all fantastic and extremely professional. I highly recommend Daybreak for anyone looking to get more out of their staff - without hiring a new employee."

David Tully

Advantage Benefits Consulting

Non-profit Organization

"As the director of a not-for-profit, you have to stretch every single dollar that is donated to your agency. It is critical to be a good steward of these gifts, and find creative resources that allow you to get the job done with a small staff and major funding cuts. Daybreak Virtual has most definitely helped us solve a "staffing problem and a too little money and not enough time dilemma." Their staff always gets the job done in an efficient and timely way. Thank you Daybreak!!"


Christine Rolando

Executive Director
Literacy Orange (Orange County, NY)

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

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